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A Pocket Full of Birthday Wishes

So, I wasn’t going to do this, but it is my birthday and I figured I should share a few thoughts so I can come back to this in the future and get a little glimpse of my past self.

Now one of the most commonly asked birthday questions after “how old are you now?” is “how does it feel to be XX (in this case 24)?”

Well, my answer is, it feels no different. I don’t feel older nor younger. In fact, I don’t think age matters at all. End of the day, it’s your character that shines through and your character that leaves a mark. People may not remember how old you are, but they will remember certain features and characteristics.

When they refer to you, they won’t say, “Oh that 24 year old?”

Instead, they are more likely to say, “Oh that girl with the pretty smile?”

Another thing I get asked a lot is the level of excitement I’m feeling about my birthday. Now, I’ve realized in recent years that I don’t really like to be the focus of attention. (And damn my face for flushing a deep red whenever I am.) I don’t necessarily feel excited about my birthday. I don’t make an effort to do something different. I don’t really expect anything or ask for anything. Yet, when the day arrives, and family and friends make an effort to make this day a little more special for me, it feels like the greatest thing in the world. The notion that someone actually cares enough to walk that extra mile for you. All for you. It’s quite a staggering feeling, I think.

Today was wonderful. From a surprise party at the office, to a small celebration at home with the family, to a Brazilian themed night with my girls. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday if I HAD planned it.

I am thankful for today, and I feel very blessed to have my family and friends in my life.

Today may have looked like a celebration of me, but it was in actuality a celebration of the people in my life.

Here are some of the memorable birthday wishes I received today:

Momبحبك كتييييييير سعاد. اليوم هو عيد ميلاد ابنتي الحبيبة سعاد…لقد كانت الفرحة الثانيه في حياتي عند ولادتها…وستبقى دائما إنشاءالله. أتمنى لك يا إبنتي أيام و أعوام سعيدة مليئة بالصحة والعافية والأمن والأمان…أتمنى من الله دائما أن ينير طريقك بالأعمال الصالحة وبأعوام لا تنتهي فيها الأفراح في حياتك

Wassimhappy birthday suad =) je te souhaite une putain de bonne anniversaire , plein de santé et de bonheur !!! =)

DanaGrowing up with a cousin like you was awesome. Remember all of our great times and all of the times that we did really ridiculous stuff!! I don’t care how much time passes between visits, I always feel like we were just together. I love being your cousin! I’m glad you’re my cousin! Happy Birthday Suad!!!

Khalid ZaneHappy birthday to one of the most beautiful people I know. Wish u a year full of joy, more ironic statuses, more sarcastic comments, and more of your delightful blogs. And if u fall into that love thing. Be an added bonus :D xoxoxo

HaneefHappy birthday Suad! Hope you have a fabulous day! Will you be having a birthday circle? ;) xx

JoudHAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM US AND THE STAFF OF H&M!!! hahaha humiliating ourselves in public – for YOU suad, it’s worth it – ONLY YOU. enjoy growing up, yo. ♥

HysumHappy birthday. You were born a week before valentines. I wonder if cupid is jealous you got all the love before he did.

OmarHappy birthday to the awesome @SuadShamma :D. Have a good one bateekha!

DeanaThe difference with you Suad is very simple: while everyone is happy, you’re complaining. And while everyone is complaining, you’re happy. You see the good when it’s bad, and the bad when it’s good. Now that’s perspective.

AzzaHappy bday pretty face!!! all the health, wealth and happiness inshallah :) I bbmed you today, but that was a fail, given I need to fix my bbm lol

AndreaI have to share this with a Barney Stinson quote: “In my body, where the shame gland should be, there is an awesome gland. True story!” I dedicate that to you! Happy Birthday Miss Awesome :) xxxxxxxx

MariamI’ll always be your little baby sister, and I love you. At least that’s what you once told me. OH YEAH! I WIN SALMA…SUCKA! Happy Birthday!

ٍRamiIf you open this birthday card, you’ll have to kiss me. If I’d known you were going to be this easy, I would have gone for the big one!

ClaireRemember that anything is possible and whatever you do, always try to look on the bright side! Best Wishes.

Dadأنت تعلمين أنني كنت وسأكون دائماً فخوراً بك وباصرارك بالوصول الى طموحاتك بكل جداره. عيد ميلاد سعيد، وقلمي عاجزاً عن الكتابة ليعبر عن حبي لك. كل عام وأنت بألف خير

Thank you all for your happy flavoured wishes...Just sayin'


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  1. the cake was heavenly!!!

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  3. Happy Birthday.

    Posted by Pete Denton | February 9, 2012, 22:56
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